Your couch is an investment. Odds are, you spent upwards of $1,000 on this piece of living room furniture so you, your family, and your friends could have somewhere comfortable to sit and relax. Your couch is what brings people together to watch movies, have a game night, or just enjoy a cup of hot cocoa by the fire. It’s used daily, making it one of the most important pieces of your living space.

At Turnkey Property Maintenance & Repair Professionals, Inc, we provide professional upholstery cleaning services for homeowners and businesses whose sofas, chairs, and ottomans need a little extra TLC. We know the value of your furniture, and our technicians use the very best upholstery cleaning products to make your couches and chairs look good as new. Contact us today to use our upholstery cleaning services in the Jacksonville, FL, area, or continue reading for a few reasons why you should have your couch professionally cleaned.

Spills Happen

Unfortunately, spills do happen if you eat or drink while sitting on the couch. Some things, like coffee, wine, tomato soup, and other dark colored foods and drinks can leave stains that are incredibly difficult to get out, especially if you don’t have a professional couch cleaner on hand that is made for the specific type of fabric. All too often, people will try to remove couch stains using a clothing stain spray, bleach, baking soda, or surface cleaner, which usually makes the problem worse. If your couch has stains that won’t come out with a little water and sofa cleaning solution, it’s time to arrange for a professional upholstery cleaning service.

Kids & Pets

If you have kids and pets, your couch is very likely to become the victim of spills and accidents. With little ones carrying sippy cups around the house and enjoying snacks on the couch, it’s only a matter of time before chocolate milk spills happen or you find that your child has been wiping their hands on the sofa. Even worse is when pets jump on the couch when you’re gone, leaving muddy paw prints or urine on the fabric. Dog and cat urine can be incredibly difficult to remove from upholstery, especially if it has been sitting there for days. Schedule a professional upholstery cleaning service right away if your couch smells like urine or has stains from kids and pets.


Allergens can seep into upholstery over time from pet dander, dust, bacteria, insects, and more. That being said, it is not uncommon for people to have allergies when they are around old furniture, leaving them feeling stuffy and sick. That’s part of the reason why we recommend that you hire a professional upholstery cleaner if you buy used furniture — you don’t know where it has been or what has been on it. For all you know, this furniture could have been sitting in a dusty basement for years, or the previous owner had a cat that you are allergic to. It all comes down to being proactive and having your chairs and sofas cleaned when you feel allergies coming on.

Protect Your Investment

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, your furniture is an investment that is made to last for years or maybe even decades. That being said, it is important to protect your sofas, chairs, and ottomans from damage so that you don’t find yourself replacing them every few years. After all, the cost of a new couch can range from $1,000 to several thousands of dollars, so it is not realistic for most people to splurge on new furniture when stains and accidents happen. So, if you want to protect your furniture, institute some rules about eating and drinking on the couch, as well as whether pets are allowed on the furniture. Then, when things start to get dirty, have a professional upholstery cleaner treat them to a deep clean.

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