About Our Handyman Services

When you partner with Turnkey PMRP in Jacksonville, you’ll receive exceptional handyman services paired with upfront pricing that keeps your pocketbook in mind. The end result is the highest quality maintenance and repair solutions for all your residential or commercial needs. For more information or to schedule a free estimate, fill out the form below, or contact our local handymen today!

Painting Service

A fresh coat of paint is a great way to freshen up a drab, old room or greatly enhance the curb appeal of a home, business, or rental property. At Turnkey Property Maintenance & Repair Professionals, we can help you with all of your painting needs, no matter the size of your home or building! Our team gladly and efficiently handles both residential and commercial-scale paint jobs, and are trained and experienced in both interior and exterior painting. Call us today to schedule a paint job for your Jacksonville property, and to learn more about the colors and styles of paint we can offer.


Do you need to restore the infrastructure in one of your properties? Luckily, drywall installation and repair is one of our team’s specialties! We bring a highly experienced team to every drywall job — our specialists have over 100 years of industry experience combined. Whether you need to fortify the ceiling or existing walls in a structure or build out the drywall for a brand new wall, our team can handle it!

Replacing the drywall in your building can increase its value. There are several different types of drywall, each with its own beneficial properties:

Regular Drywall is a gypsum board wall covered with cellulose paper and is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.
Mold-Resistant Drywall is an increasingly popular type of drywall that is covered with fiberglass instead of cellulose paper to increase the wall’s resistance to mold and mildew. This is particularly valuable in Jacksonville’s hot, humid environment!
Moisture-Resistant Drywall has a green, water-resistant covering that is ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchen areas, basements, and laundry rooms.
Fire-Resistant Drywall is useful if you need to increase your building’s fire rating to comply with building codes. This type of drywall is covered with non-combustible fibers and has to pass strict testing.

Sheetrock is a popular brand of drywall, that comes in different thickness and sizes. Replacing your drywall with sheetrock can increase the value of your property and help it comply with building codes, as Sheetrock comes in three different grades of fire resistance. Other types of Sheetrock can also be resistant to mold, mildew, abrasion, penetration, or even weather damage. Never worry about crazy Jacksonville weather again!

Turnkey technicians also have plenty of experience installing and repairing Sheetrock! We can quickly and effectively repair the Sheetrock in your building, minimizing the length of disturbance to your business.

Power Wash Cleaning

Storms around Jacksonville can leave a huge mess on hard-to-reach areas of your building, like the roof and gutters. The Turnkey Property Maintenance crew can quickly and efficiently clean dirt and debris off your building with our power washing service! You’ll be able to enjoy a clean roof quickly, and a dry one soon after.

Soft Wash Cleaning

If your building’s exterior is in need of a wash but you’re worried about damaging your windows, siding, or gutters, then we can achieve the same deep clean for your property as a power wash with a gentle soft wash!

This method of washing forgoes pressurized water in favor of unpressurized water and safe, biodegradable chemicals that are gentle on delicate or worn siding and safe if it gets in your grass.

Call Turnkey Property Maintenance & Repair Professionals today to schedule a wash for your building!

Wood And Siding Repair

It’s essential to the health and value of any home or building that its siding be in good condition. Deteriorated or improperly installed siding can put a building at risk for water leaks, and old, rotten wood can leave invite the possibility that water, dirt, debris, or even vermin could find their way into your facilities. This is particularly true in a humid environment like Jacksonville. Old, low-quality wood and siding are also eyesores that can significantly lower the curb appeal of your home.

If you’re worried about the condition of the wood or siding on your home, business, or rental property, call Turnkey Property Maintenance & Repair Professionals! Our experienced technicians will be able to assess the quality of your siding and any exterior wood on your home and provide you a comprehensive estimate to either repair the issue or replace it.


As one of Jacksonville’s leading handyman services, we know just how crazy Florida weather can get. If your gutters have been damaged in a storm, then reach out to Turnkey Property Maintenance & Repair Professionals right away! We’ll quickly assess the extent of the damage and make an honest, unmotivated recommendation as to whether repairing or replacing your gutter would be in your best financial interest. Based on your decision, we’ll get to work replacing or repairing your gutters, assuring your roof isn’t overburdened with rain or other weather. We’re gutter repair experts, and our #1 priority is your satisfaction and safety — we’ll never make an inaccurate recommendation just to make a quick buck on a new gutter. You’ll be able to trust our advice and craftsmanship.