There’s nothing worse than spilling coffee, wine, or a big bowl of chili on your sofa, especially if it’s a light-colored couch. It’s also natural to panic and grab the nearest cleaning solution, even if it’s not a couch stain remover. Trust us, you’re not alone — we’ve been there. But before you start vigorously scrubbing the stain or pouring bleach on your sofa, we’ve got a few tips to help you remove couch stains effectively so you don’t end up making the situation worse.

Know Your Fabric

The key to cleaning upholstery is knowing your fabric. Your couch should come with a cleaning code, which is normally located on the underside of your cushions. Some types of sofa fabric can’t be cleaned with water, so make sure you know this before getting your couch all wet or using a water-based couch stain remover. Upholstery cleaning codes are as follows:

  • W — clean with water only
  • S — clean with a dry solvent only
  • SW — clean with either a dry solvent or water
  • X — professional upholstery cleaning only (or vacuum)

Clean The Fabric

Once you take a look at the cleaning code, you can get to work cleaning the stains in your upholstery. Water and a clear dish soap works fairly well for most food stains, while a mix of water and baking soda is great for greasy stains (got a kid that wipes their hands on the couch?). If you’re dealing with a particularly dark stain, like those from coffee and wine spills, all you need is a little sparkling water or a little vinegar mixed with laundry detergent and cold water. Even pet urine isn’t that difficult to get out of upholstery if you know the secret — pour a mixture of water and vinegar on the area, then soak it up with a clean cloth and cover the spot with baking soda. Once it dries, vacuum it up, and your couch will look brand new!

Hire A Professional Upholstery Cleaner

If your sofa has the cleaning code X, it’s best to leave the job to your local carpet and upholstery cleaning company. Not only that, but if you are nervous about making the stain worse, it’s better to err on the side of caution than to use the wrong kind of sofa cleaner or rub the stain into the fabric even more. If you are looking for a professional couch cleaner in Jacksonville or the surrounding areas in Duval County, contact Turnkey Property Maintenance & Repair Professionals, Inc today!