Our sofas are one of the most frequently used pieces of furniture in our home. Whether you’re sitting down at the end of a long day to get some extra work done or you’re cuddling your toddlers before bed, we all spend some amount of time on our couches. While there are countless memories made on these pieces of furniture, it’s inevitable that they get a little dirty here and there. Unfortunately, what may seem like a small mess may turn out to be a relatively difficult stain to get out. 

In today’s blog, the team at Turnkey Property Maintenance & Repair Professionals is going to go over a few of the most common stubborn stains that we find in sofas and a little bit about why they’re so difficult to remove. Let’s dive in!


Something that many of us still struggle to understand, regardless of how many years we’ve been in the industry, is why it’s so difficult to remove watermarks from certain types of fabric. Unfortunately, water is seen as one of the better things that could be spilled, so very rarely do people turn to the professionals to tackle the cleaning process. With that being said, when water sits in fabric for too long it can quickly brown the fabric and leave a watermark that ruins the entire look of the sofa. 

Once this has happened, there is a particular formula that is used to remove these stains. The formula used is very high in acid and helps to break down the browning. At times, however, the browning is not correctable. For that reason, we always suggest turning to the professionals when you need upholstery cleaning

Food Stains

While the couch is a sacred cozy spot for some, it’s also the best place to curl up with a piece of pizza or bowl of buttery popcorn. If you’re guilty of using your couch as a dining room table every once in a while (who isn’t?), then you know the likelihood of spilling some food, and it winding up on your couch. Now, at times this is a quick clean up and a dab or two of a cleaning solution can ensure there isn’t a stain. There are times, however, where flavorful spaghetti or delicious curry that found its way to the sofa is going to stain incredibly quick. In those times, you want to call an upholstery cleaner — sooner than later!

Blood Stains

The last stain that we see pretty frequently that is stubborn to get out of sofas is blood. Even though the tiny spots of blood that probably dripped from a cut or were transferred from sitting down without realizing you werebleeding are small, they are mighty! These stains are tough to get out and when individuals attempt to tackle them on their own, they usually end up with a bigger mess. Let Turnkey Property Maintenance and Repair Professionals, Jacksonville’s Top Rated Local® Handyman, handle your upholstery cleaning.

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