Bathrooms are one of the rooms in our house that need the most cleaning. With as much moisture as there is and the fact that we shower and wash our hands in this space, it shouldn’t be too surprising that deep cleaning needs to happen pretty regularly. 

While cleaning your toilet bowl, wiping down the counter, and scrubbing your bathtub may happen pretty frequently, can you remember the last time you gave your grout the attention that it deserves? Most of us don’t have the time to really get in there and scrub out grout, and to be honest, it shows. 

In today’s blog post, the team at Turnkey Property Maintenance and Repair Professionals is going to go over three signs that it’s time to hire a professional to clean your grout. As Jacksonville’s Top Rated Local® Handyman and Cleaning Professional, we can get your grout cleaning services scheduled in no time. Keep reading to see if your grout is in need of the touch of a professional.

Stained or Discolored

One of the most obvious ways that you’ll be able to tell if your grout is in need of a professional cleaning is by looking at the color. Grout should be a nice, clean white, and if the grout you’re looking at isn’t, chances are it’s time for a professional to come in and take care of it. The unfortunate thing about grout is that once it has been exposed to items of a different color, it’s extremely challenging to get it back to its original color. If you’ve tried without success, a professional grout cleaner is in need. 

Mold in Grout Joints

As we mentioned earlier, the bathroom is known for having quite a bit of exposure to high amounts of moisture. Because of this, it’s extremely common for mold to grow in these rooms. If you have noticed that your grout has mold growing in the joints of it, you are definitely going to want a professional to come in and take care of this for you. 

Grout That Hasn’t Been Sealed

Grout needs to be sealed in order for it to keep out excess amounts of moisture and items that are going to cause it to stain or break. Whether your grout wasn’t sealed when it was first applied or you haven’t sealed it in a while, this could be yet another sign that it’s time to have your grout worked on by a professional. Grout is actually supposed to be sealed once a year to ensure that it still has the protection needed to keep it in good condition for the duration of time that you’re living in that house. If you notice that your grout is starting to look rough, it may be time to deep clean and reseal. 

Contact Turnkey Property Maintenance & Repair Professionals

If the grout in your bathroom is showing one or more of the signs that we’ve covered above, it’s time to contact the team at Turnkey Property Maintenance & Repair Professionals. We offer a wide arrange of property maintenance services to the Jacksonville area so that your rental or personal residence are always spick and span. Contact our team today for a quote on your services.