Turnkey Property Maintenance & Repair Professionals was born from the union of a number of cleaning specialists, repair professionals, and handymen that have been operating in the Jacksonville area since as early as the 1960s. We’re proud to bring more than a century of combined experience to what we do and offer your property a full suite of services, from carpet cleaning to sheetrock installation. We work with homeowners, real estate agents, property managers, and more to bring the best out of their properties. If your facility needs a service, chances are great that we can provide it, no matter what it is.

Read on to learn more about all the services that we offer, or, if you have a specific service you’d like to know more about, select it from the options below:

Carpet & Tile Cleaning
Handyman Services
Pressure Washing
Painting & Drywall Service

Carpet & Tile Cleaning Services

We offer a variety of professional cleaning services at Turnkey Property Maintenance & Repair Professionals, including:

  • Carpet Cleaning: We will thoroughly clean all the carpet in your property to keep it looking fresh and deliver a deep clean you can feel. No matter how many employees you have working in your business, how many family members walking around on your carpet, or how trashed your last tenants left your rental property, we’ll restore your carpet to its best possible condition, steaming out the dirt, grime, allergens, and pet hairs that have gotten latched under its fibers. For conscientious clients, or those that must comply with strict building or environmental codes, we can also use eco-friendly cleaning solutions at your request to deliver your carpet the same thorough clean.
  • Tile And Grout Cleaning: We’re all about the fine details at Turnkey, and our cleaning technicians know that the details are what separate the merely clean tile and grout from the stunning and sparkling. When you hire Turnkey to clean your tile and grout, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the latter type of clean. Our tile cleaning specialists will hone in on the fine details in your tile and grout to get it looking fantastic. We can handle all types of tile and stone.
  • Rug Cleaning: Don’t trust any rug cleaner that claims they can thoroughly clean your Oriental or wool rug on-site — it’s incredibly difficult and expensive! Instead, hire Turnkey to clean your rugs at your convenience! We will pick up your rug for you, take it to our rug cleaning warehouse, and return it right to your office, apartment, or living room within seven to 10 business days! With our rug cleaning process, you can be assured convenience, a quick turnaround time, and a thoroughly clean rug. We can help bring out the beautiful colors and designs in your rug that dirt and debris are keeping faded. 
  • Steam And Dry Cleaning Packages: We’ll gladly come to your home to pick up whatever item you need cleaned, from upholstery to fabrics and keepsakes, and take them to our warehouse to be steamed and dry cleaned. We handle all items with the care we would treat our own possessions, but if you’re concerned your items could be damaged during transfer to our warehouse, you can also drop them off! You’ll receive your items back, cleaned and in better condition, within seven to 10 business days.
  • Commercial Cleaning:  Turnkey is equipped to handle your cleaning needs, no matter the size of your building.We’re not kidding — we have the technology to deep clean high-rise buildings! No matter what your home, business, or rental property needs, we provide the cleaning service you need to enjoy a healthy, sparkling environment. 

Handyman Services

Turnkey Property Maintenance & Repair Professionals is one of the most experienced handyman crews in Jacksonville. Did we mention our specialists have more than 100 years of combined experience amongst them? Whatever the exterior of your home, building, or rental property needs, we can handle it quickly and effectively. Our most popular handyman services are listed below, but don’t hesitate to call us if you need help dealing with an issue you don’t see! We’ll be able to handle it. 

  • Wood And Siding Repair: Damaged, worn, or improperly installed wood or siding can open your building up to serious risks, including water leaks, dirt and debris getting in your building’s infrastructure, and even vermin making their way inside. Don’t leave your building open to risks and lower its curb appeal and value with unsightly siding, call Turnkey Property Maintenance & Repair Professionals! We’ll quickly assess the condition of your siding and any wood and provide you an honest estimate on whether it would be financially advisable to repair the damage or replace the components. 
  • Gutter Repair And Replacement: We’ve been operating in Jacksonville for ages, and we know just how big of a mess that Florida storms can leave behind. If your gutters have been damaged, call us out! We’ll be able to quickly evaluate the extent of the damage and determine whether repair is feasible or a replacement is necessary. No matter the situation, we’ll have your house, business, or rental property protected with high-quality, attractive gutters in no time. 
  • Window Cleaning: Clean windows pull double duty on your home, building, or rental property — they enhance the curb appeal of your property from the outside, and are the largest source of natural, free light on the inside. Keeping them clean keeps your property looking its best and keeps your window frames from accumulating dirt, mold, or moisture that could lead to rot if they’re wooden frames. Call us out to clean them today — you’d be surprised just how quickly dust accumulates on them, and how much of a difference a professional window cleaning can make!
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning: Cleaning one’s dryer vents is a frequently overlooked aspect of property maintenance that can be risky to ignore. When you hire Turnkey to clean your dryer vents, we’ll clear away any dirt or grime that’s gotten in the vents, improving your dryer’s performance and reducing the risk for malfunction or fire due to a clogged vent. 

Pressure Washing

Do you have a home or rental property you’re about to put on the market? Maximize its value with a power wash! Power washing will improve your building’s curb appeal by clearing away, dirt, debris, and other grime from its roof and walkways. Doing so gives your building a welcoming, professional look and also clears away pollen, allergens, algae, and other gunk that could be slowly making its way into your roof and into your property. Clearing away these potentially harmful substances promotes health for potential tenants and also reduces the likelihood of your roof needing future repair. Power washing can also remove graffiti!

At Turnkey Property Management & Repair Professionals, we also offer soft washing for buildings that may be too old or in poor condition for power washing. Soft washing is a similar process that replaces the power of pressurized water with non-toxic chemicals to gently deliver your building’s exterior with the same deep clean. Power washing is typically the best option for most modern buildings, but some properties have factors or deteriorated features that make soft washing more suitable for them. Call our Jacksonville office today to discuss your property’s needs, and we’ll determine the type of pressure wash that would be best for safely and effectively delivering it a thorough clean. 

Painting & Drywall Services 

At Turnkey Property Maintenance & Repair Professionals, we’re proud to offer house painting and drywall repair services to enhance your property’s exterior and fortify its interior. Our experienced service will ensure your home, building, or rental property looks appealing and stays structurally sound for years to come. 

  • Painting Service: Are the rooms in your home starting to feel old and stale? Want to maximize the curb appeal of your business or rental property? Freshen up your property and enhance its value with our painting service! Our experienced team can handle the paint needs of any Jacksonville property, indoor or outdoor, no matter the size of the building. We gladly fulfill the painting needs of both residential and commercial clients, and we’d be happy to make your building look great with anew, evenly-applied coat of paint. Call our Jacksonville office to learn the colors and styles of paint we offer, and schedule your paint job today!
  • Drywall Installation And Repair: If you need to restore your property’s infrastructure, you’ve come to the right team. Drywall installation and repair is one of our team’s specialties, and we offer a variety of types of drywall to best match your building’s needs, including regular, mold-resistant, moisture-resistant, and fire-resistant varieties. Investing in new drywall can help protect your home’s infrastructure from future damage and, for landlords and developers, satisfy certain building and fire codes. 
  • Sheetrock Installation And Repair: Sheetrock is one of the most popular drywall brands, and the Turnkey team is proud to be able to perform installations and repairs of these kinds of drywall, too! Sheetrock comes in many different thicknesses and sizes, and different types offer different levels of protection for your building. You can choose from Sheetrock that offer varying levels of fire resistance, as well from other types of Sheetrock that offer resistance to mold, mildew, abrasion, penetration, or weather damage. All can enhance the value of your property and keep them protected from unexpected damage. You won’t have to worry about the wild weather that Jacksonville can get again! 

Whatever needs your home, business, or rental property has, you can count on the Turnkey Property Maintenance & Repair Professionals team to handle it with expertise and grace. Our specialists have over a century’s worth of industry experience amongst them, and your satisfaction will always be our top priority. Call our offices in Jacksonville today to get started!