Carpet cleaning is one of the many services that is required with rental properties, but it is also completely necessary for personal residences. Whether you’re the owner of the property and you’re cleaning the carpets before a new resident moves in or you’re the proud parent of a clumsy toddler who has spilled juice all over your carpet, today’s blog is going to go over a few of the reasons that you should not tackle carpet cleaning on your own. 

 While there are countless fancy carpet cleaners that you can purchase at your local supermarket and weekends screaming for more tasks on the todo list, it genuinely is better to let a professional handle your carpet cleaning. Here’s why.



One of the most common problems that people will come across when shampooing their own carpets is that they will over wet them. Carpet shampooers will, depending on the shampooer, shoot either mist or water mixed with carpet cleaning solution towards the carpet to loosen up dirt and debris that is hiding at the root of your carpet. Now, this is similar to the process that a professional will use when cleaning your carpet, the one difference being that the professional cleaning your carpets for you will know the ideal amount of moisture to apply.

When carpets are over-wetted, there is a chance of mildew and mold forming beneath your carpet. You may also start to notice your carpet looking as though it is shrinking, and you’ll see this around the edges of the carpet. Given that these aren’t things what most homeowners want to deal with, it’s better to let the professionals tackle this task.

Too Much Shampoo

Aside from applying too much moisture to your carpet, you can also apply too much shampoo. While it may sound like too much of a good thing, it’s very similar to water in that it’s a liquid that is now sitting directly at the roots of your carpet. While it may not seem like a big deal, this can damage your carpets in more ways than one and is the most common mistake made by individuals choosing to clean their carpets on their own.

Deeper Messes

A majority of the carpet cleaners that you find at your local supermarket advertise that they can provide you with the deep cleaning that you need. Unfortunately, too many of these shampooers will simply apply large amounts of deodorizers to your carpet without cleaning the dirt and debris that is deep within your carpet. When this happens, you’re simply wasting your time to make your carpet smell cleaner, which may seem like a benefit, but the mess is still there hiding in your carpet.

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