With spring just around the corner, many people’s minds drift to the topic of spring cleaning. When you manage properties as your business, your spring cleaning tasks are going to look a little different than the average homeowner’s. Rather than clearing out an attic or closet of old, unwanted junk to make space, your goal as a property owner with spring cleaning should be to protect the value of your assets and get your properties looking their best to show off to new tenants. 

But what tasks are most effective at helping you accomplish these goals? Turnkey Property Maintenance & Repair Professionals will show you. We’ve been helping property managers throughout Jacksonville keep their properties in peak condition for 20 years and counting, and in today’s blog, we’ll review the five most important property maintenance tasks to get your assets ready for spring. Continue reading to learn more!


  1. Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is one of our most requested services here at Turnkey, and that’s because it helps property managers improve the appearance of their properties and maximize their long-term values. 

Professional carpet cleaning services are more comprehensive than a simple vacuuming or steam cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning gets at the bacteria, grime, and other gunk under the fibers of carpet, where vacuums can’t reach, to deliver a deeper-level clean than consumer-grade cleaning tools can accomplish. It’s a high value service that not only gets the carpeting at your properties looking impressively clean to prospective tenants — it also increases the lifespan of the carpet itself, pushing the expense of carpet replacement further down the road for you. 

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  1. Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning provides similar two-pronged value to your properties, and is particularly important if you offer furnished rooms or office spaces. On the face of it, it may seem frivolous to spend money on something as arbitrary and replaceable as furniture, but people do notice the difference between high quality furniture and pieces in poor condition, and they’ll convey the difference in their offer. Remember, every dollar that you spend creating a high-value experience for tenants or guests will come back to you in the form of higher offers and increased retention. 

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  1. Exterior Washing

Are some of your properties looking old and outdated? You can give them a refreshed look and win back the full value of curb appeal without absorbing the cost of a full remodel — all you need is power washing or soft washing! Getting the exteriors of your properties washed is a cost-effective way to restore their maximum curb appeal and eliminate any dust, debris, mold, or other harmful gunk that may have accumulated since the last time your property was washed. There are two main methods to washing a property’s exterior — power washing and soft washing. 

Power washing requires no soap or chemicals and can be completed quickly, in less than an hour in some cases. 

Soft washing is gentler on delicate surfaces than power washing, making it a more appropriate method for damaged areas on a property or on more delicate surfaces, such as wood. Soft washing does require scrubbing, though, so it’s not an ideal choice for roof washing. 

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  1. Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning may seem like an odd fit amongst these tasks that target much more highly visible areas of your property, but trust us — dryer vent cleaning is critical to reducing your liabilities. 

You see, clogged dryer vents are huge fire safety hazards! They’re not as much of a risk for homeowners since their washing machine/dryer combo is only being used by them and their family. But if you operate an apartment complex with laundry facilities on-site, your machines will have a much higher burden to bear. Most people know to clean the lint trap after drying their clothes to mitigate any chance of a clog or resultant fire, but can you trust every single tenant in your property to do so? Investing in annual dryer vent cleaning is essential for reducing your liabilities and avoiding any chance of fires breaking out. 

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  1. Tile & Grout Cleaning

Similar to carpet cleaning, investing in tile and grout cleaning can help you maximize the value of your properties’ bathrooms, which many tenants prize when searching for housing, and extend the life of the tile itself.

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Now that you know how these important property maintenance tasks can maximize and protect the value of your assets, what are you waiting for? Connect with Turnkey Property Maintenance & Repair Professionals in Jacksonville today to get your properties ready for spring!